Real Estate Settlement and Title Insurance Policies in Erie, PA

Tower in Erie, PA - Select SettlementSelect Settlement, Inc. is a full-service real estate settlement and title insurance company in Erie, PA. Offering buyers and residential property owners a reliable, cost-effective title searches and title insurance policies to protect one of the largest investments someone will ever have to make. Our title insurance agents at Select Settlement order and exam title searches as well as review government documents, land and deed records, tax records, liens, and judgements.

Role of the Title Insurance Company:

  • Order and review title searches
  • Clear title defects
  • Title commitment
  • Preparation of seller’s real estate closing disclosure
  • Execute the real estate closing
  • Issue title insurance policies post-closing

Executing the real estate closing involves witness document signing, notarization of documents, disbursement of funds, documents recording, and delivery of final documents to lender post-closing from a dependable title insurance company. Title insurance, both for the lender and the owner of real estate property, provides protection, confidence, peace of mind and helps eliminate risk. Title insurance policies play a key role in protecting your real estate investment.

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